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By Holly Peterson

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Blue Velvet... It's Back!

By Holly Peterson

Written By: Krissa Rossbund
Photos By: Greg Scheidemann

This season, blue velvet tops the charts again. Trendsetters Oscar de la Renta and Lela Rose introduced dresses made of the luxe textile for their fall collections during fashion week. Dolce & Gabbana extended the fabric to footwear with an embroidered and quilted velvet flat. And on the furniture runway at High Point, North Carolina, manufacturers debuted new shapes in the magnificent material that’s fit for royalty.

Is blue velvet making a comeback?
A first appearance, maybe?
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Plumen Bulbs

By Holly Peterson

How cool are these?

Not available just yet, but they're coming SOON!
(currently available in Europe)

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CHIC New Wallpapers

By Holly Peterson

Check out GRAHAM & BROWN's
CHIC New Wallpapers

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By Holly Peterson

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