Diva Design Diary

By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!


By Holly Peterson

Runners are all the rage, and not just for hallways. They're showing
up next to beds, in kitchens- all over the house. In bold patterns and bright
colors, you can find some amazing modern floor runners to incorporate
in your house. Try and use one somewhere other than a hallway,
like in front of your bathroom vanity!
Check out these two below:


Hand-pieced stitchless cowhide, 3' x 10',
in blue, pool and turquoise. It's Jiun Ho
for Kyle Bunting, to the trade.
(Contact Design Diva to order)

Hand-knotted alpaca and leather, 3' x 7', in silver
and yellow with chocolate leather shag.

The Finial Touch

By Holly Peterson

Decadent lamp shade finials to add some customized spice to your lamp. These are from Hillary Thomas Designs fresh new collection named Rock n' Rolla and range from $40 to $100. They are created in small batches so jump on this design trend quick, before they're all snatched up! Interesting lamp shade finials are a great way to add character to any room and perfect for the person who believes design is in the details.

Check out her web page to browse more designs.

Trends in Countertops

By Holly Peterson

Texture, Durability Trending in Countertops

While simplicity and ease of use remain hot trends in kitchen design, today's countertops are focusing on durability and clean, fresh color schemes - with texture used to provide a subtle sophistication that doesn't clash with the cleaner lines of the kitchen.

Eco-consciousness also plays a role in the hottest material choices, while mixing and matching materials provides increased functionality and a way to maximize aesthetic appeal without blowing the budget.

Below are some of the hottest trends in countertops today:
  • Color schemes are trending toward clean, fresh, monochromatic choices, with shades of white and grey growing increasingly popular.
  • Texture, both visual and tactile, is a hot trend, adding a fashionable touch that meshes with today's simpler, more clean-lined kitchen designs.
  • Eco-friendly choices continue to be in high demand, with manufacturers increasingly promoting countertop choices that are recyclable or made with a high percentage of recycled material.
  • As durability increases in importance for today's value-conscious consumers, man-made materials such as quartz seem to be gaining ground.
  • Mix-and-match countertop designs - which may include a combination of wood, stainless steel, natural stone, laminate, quartz and/or glass - are often chosen to provide multifunctional properties while keeping costs under control.
  • Glass is the new high-end "it" material, offering both eco-friendly properties and a nearly endless array of personalized design possibilities.

from LG Hausys
The Prestige Collection from LG Hausys Surfaces is a solid surface that offers the look and feel of natural stone. Countertops made with HI-MACS Marmo solid surface are thermoformable, seamless and provide ease of fabrication. The material has achieved GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certification.

from Hanwha
Sterling Grey by HanStone Quartz from Hanwha Surfaces features a distinct modern appearance in keeping with the trend toward clean, unfussy details. The quartz surface features warm undertones.
from Cambria
Cambria has expanded its palette of GREENGUARD-certified quartz stone countertops to include 16 additional colors – shades that possess significant movement, depth and veining. Williston (shown) – is part of the company’s Quarry Collection.

from ThinkGlass
Glass countertops from ThinkGlass measure 1.5” thick or more, and feature a smooth, glossy contemporary finish with a wide selection of embedded textures. Shown is Ocean Inspiration, designed by Mailhot, which features a crystal color with artistic texture and polished edge.

To bring one of these innovative and exciting surfaces into your home
contact Design Diva Interiors, we'd love to assist!

Look Inside A Remodel

By Holly Peterson

April 16th, 2011 9am - 5 pm
Featuring homes in Carlsbad, Encinitas,
Cardiff by the Sea, La Jolla, Del Cerro,
Scripps Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe.

This self guided tour features completely renovated
homes designed by some of the top interior designers
in the county. Advanced tickets maybe purchased

$25 General Admission
Information Hotline (858)646-9896

Who knew you could ski uphill?!

By Holly Peterson

Hi Fans!

I'm taking a detour from regular "design topics" and sharing
this incredible video of a good friend of mine:
Skier discovers amazing new possibilities with personal jet pack

I don't know anyone that wouldn't think this is absolutely amazing!!!
You ROCK, Troy!!!

Great Indoor Plants

By Holly Peterson

We have all done it. Brought home a beautiful potted plant
with expectation of adoring it for months to come, only to find that
weeks, maybe even days later, it has already started to die off.
Maybe you under watered, maybe you over watered, or it could be that
it didn't find enough sunlight. All of these very well may be the case
but, it may just be that you are picking the wrong plants.

I've devised a list of great indoor plants that need little attention
so you need not to worry about screwing them up!

  • Ponytail Palm~ for those who forget to water their plants
  • Moth Orchid, Novelty Stripes~ an easy-to-grow orchid
  • Braided Ficus Tree~ easy care and adaptability
  • Chamaedorea Palm~ if your looking for a taste of the tropics
  • Chinese Evergreen~ low maintenance, low-light lover
  • Tropical Combo Bonsai~ create a tropical garden in any small corner
  • Angel Ivy Ring Topiary~ fast growing

In the next list are great plantsto help aid in purifying the air inside your home:

  • Peace Lilly
  • Spider Plant
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Snake Plant
  • Rubber Plant
  • Weeping Fig
  • Boston Fern
  • English Ivy

Select one of these hardy indoor plants that will coordinate well with your
home decor and you will be on your way to finding your green thumb! You
can be rest assured that most of these are hard to kill.

~Design Diva