Diva Design Diary

By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!


By Holly Peterson

No matter what your age, it seems we never get tired of...

The wonderful thing about these bubbles is that they can be
incorporated into practically ANY design...



(Commercial Design)

Please contact Design Diva Interiors to see how
you can have a "bubble party" in your home.

Ugly Kitchen Contest

By Holly Peterson

The two largest quartz surface companies are both at it...
They're looking for YOUR ugly kitchen!

Click here to enter your kitchen for Silestone's Ugly Kitchen Contest

Deadline for entries are:
September 30th, 2009 for Caesarstone
October 30th, 2009 for Silestone

Contact Design Diva Interiors if you are interested...
You never know?! We may just WIN!!!


By Holly Peterson

On this AMAZINGLY FABULOUS tile collection!

Jeffrey Court tile cannot be compared to your typical tile designs...
The designs are timeless, yet beautiful!

I am getting ready to use Jeffrey Court in a project that I'm working on, and I can't hardly wait!

See several more chapters of Jeffrey Court here

If you are interested in using Jeffrey Court in your home, please contact
Design Diva Interiors, we'd love to be part of your home renovations project!

Dog Duvet

By Holly Peterson

Give Fido a clean, comfy place to sleep and your holey old jeans and t-shirts a second life with Molly Mutt's 100% cotton dog duvets. Designed to cover your pup's existing bed, or, in a clever case of upcycling, be conveniently filled with textiles from around your house, there are different sizes and designs offered to suit any pooch's preference.

Find your perfect doggy duvet @ MollyMutt

Plain Jane Let's Loose...

By Holly Peterson


Q: Why did the cupcake crash his car?
A: He was totally baked.


Add "frosting to the cake" this Summer with this FABULOUS recipe...
Plain Jane Let's Loose Cupcakes

Affordable Bedding...

By Holly Peterson

Sweet Dreams Have Arrived

I am loving this new bedding line that I just received, I think you will too!

Design Diva Interiors would love to help you sleep better ♥

What's HOT Now!

By Holly Peterson

Helene Aumont Collection

Check out their latest, the Jean Pierre Table:
A handcrafted walnut dining table, inspired by the award-winning
Jean Pierre desk and coffee table (below).
Classical and beautifully engineered with traditional joinery.
Custom sizes available.
Jean Pierre Coffee Table
Jean Pierre Desk

Explore more @ HeleneAumount

To take advantage of special trade pricing, please contact Design Diva Interiors

Artisan Crafted Sinks

By Holly Peterson

A sink is a sink, right?!
Why have an ordinary sink, when you could have something that makes a statement...
Bring the art into your kitchen with one of these beautiful sinks.
Hey, washing dishes should be a fun!

Contact Design Diva Interiors for more information
check out NativeTrails

Taste The Rainbow...

By Holly Peterson

With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Affordable cabinets in any color you can imagine. Spot on out of the box.

Contact Design Diva Interiors for your unique & custom new kitchen needs!

Inflatable Chesterfield

By Holly Peterson

Blofield Inflatable Chesterfield

Designed by: Jeroen van de Kant

Dutch design company Blofield—not to be confused with the evil genius Bond villain of nearly identical name—has taken the traditional English Chesterfield and pumped it full of hot air. This new design completely strips away the insides and replaces the classic leather with PVC and vinyl. This chair comes in one, two, or three seater options and three clean colors to choose from: Stone White, Earth Green, and Midnight Green.

You may go broke buying it, but you can take it with you wherever you go...

More info: blofield.com

Attention: Dog L♥vers

By Holly Peterson

If there's anything more delightful than a dog, I haven't been told.
Unless it's a room full of dogs?!

Check out just a few of the latest "Fido Lover" Wallpapers

(Pierre Frey)

(Osborne & Little)


(I'm a little partial to this one... I love Boston Terriers!)

Contact Design Diva Interiors for all your wallpaper needs!

Giving Up Your Landline

By Holly Peterson

You haven't used your home phone in months. Do you need it?

As sweet as it sounds... It seems most safe to keep your landline, with the minimum options. You never know when an emergency may come along.
Read the full article on giving up your landline @ HouseBeautiful.com

Starbucks Goes Green

By Holly Peterson

I don't know about you, but I love me some Starbucks!
Click here to read more on their plans for "Going Green"in 2010

Many Thanks To Brad Pitt

By Holly Peterson

Brad Pitt's 'Make It Right' Does Duplexes
(Does he come with?)


By Holly Peterson

Bleu Nature Driftwood Lamps

They're graceful in movement. They're soft from tide and salt. Pieces of driftwood conjure quiet and calm. And that’s a vibe that’s welcome in any home. The guys who will bring it there? French designers, Bleu Nature. Every year the team takes a field trip to the shores of Northern France to collect driftwood that they then bundle and stack into sublime lighting fixtures. The entire process is rather unfussy — they take some sticks and add a post, shade, and discerning eye. It’s a simple beauty. And that’s largely because the wood needs no further processing, as it is already naturally preserved in sea salt. These artistic collaborations between man and nature may have fallen far from their trees, but I'm sure they’ll have no trouble calling your living room home.

Learn more at bleunature.com