Diva Design Diary

By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!

Attention Parents!!!

By Holly Peterson

Swoop - Storage Bag & Play Mat-in-One

As seen on Realsimple.com and in Parenting Magazine.
Now when play is done, even the kids can clean up in a flash. Yes, clean-up has never been so easy...it's IN THE BAG. Just grab the nylon cords and "SWOOP" up all those blocks, legos, plastic dinosauers, and other tiny play pieces from the day's activities into this storage bag and play surface all- in-one. Toss it in a corner, hide in a closet, or hang it on a hook till the toy story continues the next day. It's a brilliant way to minimize toy sprawl. Based on a design for a storage bag passed down from an inventive grandmother, this modern version is constructed of strong cotton canvas allowing it to open almost flat to multi-task as a great play mat. Measures 44 inches in diameter. Machine washable. Available in Hot Pink (not shown), Lime (not shown), Orange and Turquoise (not shown).

{$48 each}

Maybe your kids will enjoy picking up after themselves now?!  HA!

What Goes On In A Designer's Mind

By Holly Peterson

 ‘Confessions Of A Designer’, What Goes On In A Designer's Mind
Article from: TAXI

London-based designer Anneke Short has come up a series of minimalist posters that are out to challenge the preconceptions that people have of designers.

‘Confessions of a Designer’, is a collection of quotes that Short has “either found [herself] thinking or that [she has] heard [her] designer friends say, often on more than one occasion”.

Blatantly honest and comical, they portray the frustration and realities that designers often face.

{one of my faves}
Read full article HERE

Looking forward to adorning my walls with one of these witty posters!

Hide Your Mess!

By Holly Peterson

Hide your mess in the hidden recess,  All of your external drives, routers, and a power strip
can be tucked in a compartment under the desktop - cords can be fed through an opening
at the back - freeing up precious surface area for your paperwork.

Finally... Things aren't looking so dim!

By Holly Peterson

Thanks to LUTRON

NEW Lutron LED control solutions save energy, while improving comfort and productivity!
C-L Dimmer with HED Technology
  • Alleviates typical problems like excessive flicker, dimmer, shimmer,
    and lights dropping out at low dimming levels.
  • Mix and match dimmable LED, dimmable CFL and halogen on the same dimmer.
Contact Design Diva Interiors or Lutron on how to integrate
these innovative new lighting options into your space.