Diva Design Diary

By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!

Guest Blogger: Arcadian Lighting

By Holly Peterson

Fantastic Foyers

I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting. Every day I get to write about the latest interior designs, trends, and all the light fixtures that go with them. Thank you for having me as your guest, Holly! 

Today, I'd like to share a collection of beautiful foyers because they are the best place to make a great first impression with guests. Even if you're just returning home from work, stepping into your own fantastic foyer can help the stresses of the day instantly slip away.
I hope you find these foyers as inspiring as I do! 

Fantastic Foyer

As if an expansive floor-to-ceiling window weren't enough, a gorgeous sparkling chandelier graces this elegant foyer. The black and white staircase is especially sophisticated, too. 

Fantastic Foyer

The lattice wallpaper and cozy bench give this foyer a charming, feminine atmosphere.
The color palette is particularly chic and modern, as is the large framed mirror. 

Fantastic Foyer
I love the ceiling in this entryway and the elegant lantern pendant light.
A row of white columns makes such a stately impression upon entering this home. 

Fantastic Foyer

There's nothing more classic than striped wallpaper and checkered floors.
The yellow walls and floral carpeted staircase is so cheery and friendly. 

Fantastic Foyer

A bright red stair running really adds a charming accent to this cozy, rustic foyer.
I love the oversized wicker basket of logs. 

Fantastic Foyer

A perfect marriage of rustic country style and elegance, this foyer also illustrates the beauty of greige. The soft color palette is inviting, while the matching table lamp and wall sconce brings a sense of sophistication. 

Fantastic Foyer

Plenty of coat hangers and metal bins are a perfect way to keep everything organized when first walking through the door. An extra long bench makes it easy to remove heavy boots during the colder months, too. 

Fantastic Foyer

This traditional entryway shows off a handsome collection of furniture.
The gallery wall of family portraits is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones present.

Which of these beautiful foyers is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting to pick up a sparkling pendant light, chandelier, or light fixture to make a great first impression in your foyer!

Graham & Brown Celebrate the 2012 London Olympics

By Holly Peterson

Bring the eternal city into your home with this new graphic wallpaper design, capturing the excitement of the 2012 London Olympics. Graham & Brown launches this illustrative cityscape, featuring London's best known buildings and attractions. 

The elegant fashions of the 1950s feature alongside iconic London landmarks in Graham & Brown’s new wallpaper design, 'Jubilee’.  Launched to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the new design has been created by surface design & textiles student, Sophie Minal. “I wanted to capture the atmosphere and style of 1950s London during the Coronation. Seeing my design go into production and taking the first roll off the press has been an amazing experience.”
- Sophie Minal, Designer

Contact Design Diva Interiors on how you can integrate this
whimsical wallpaper into your home or office space!

Industrial Art by Chip Gianakos

By Holly Peterson

Industry Accents
Be a part of this unique journey to find beauty and mystery from our mechanical world.
Industrial Art... a passion for metals, forms, function and cutting edge creativity. 

power track table
This stunning piece is the result of a collaboration between
Chip Gianakos and Mike Nolte of Vanguard Sculpture.

Designed by man, made beautiful by nature’s rain, these preserved industrial copper boards tell a compelling tale of technology, science and beauty.  The fascinating story that these boards tell is intriguing and special. Our industrial machine took materials ( copper ) from mother nature and crafted them into an artificial electronic world.  We then threw them away .. in a field .. and nature has begun, in her own, patient, forgiving way to reclaim what was once hers.  Long forgotten, nature has silently and artfully put an unmistakable mark on our short-sighted, materialistic world.
The preservation and display of these items not only represents a real world, tangible rescue of our planet through recycling, but a compelling marriage of technology and nature.  I look forward to sharing this collection with our community and exploring ways that nature makes beautiful, our industrial machine.

These copper panels are two-sided with original designs on both sides, allowing for endless possibilities on "wall" options/divides.

Contact artist {Chip Gianakos} directly to inquiry about custom pieces/pricing...
Also, contact Design Diva Interiors on collaborating with this artist,
in creating a one-of-a-kind piece for your interior space.

Nature Inspired... The Egg

By Holly Peterson

LOVING these nature inspired bath and sink vessels...
from Nella Vetrina

Contact Design Diva Interiors to "hatch" an egg in your home!

Transform Your Interior... With Great Lighting!

By Holly Peterson

Terzani Introduces New Designs/Products for 2012

Three stunning new collections (Argent, Frame and Angel Falls) and two new product designs
(Etoile and Stream) were recently introduced by Terzani at the Euroluce show in Milan. 

 For his latest work for Terzani, Nigel Coates, well known for his unorthodox approach to design, has created an engaging, unique light.  Customizable groups of hand made crystal (24% lead) "Angels" are illuminated by halogen or LED lamps.  What caused these angels to fall from the Heavens?  It's up to the viewers to decide.  Either way, Angel Falls is sure to garner attention, and generate conversation in any setting.
A celestial suspension of interwoven nickel-plated metal shafts, Etoile twinkles in all directions creating a gentle play of light and shadow for any space. Design by Cristian Lava. Introduction for 2012 is this large redesigned suspension of Etoile.    

 Capturing a moment in time, Frame features a metal coral leaf, enclosed inside a borosilicate glass preserving a delicate imprint of nature.  Hidden inside is a single bulb which glows from within, creating a stirring light that projects a dynamic shadow due to the permeable coral.  Frame is available in white, red, gold plated or silver plated.  Design by Terzani Lab.

Stream is an impressive presence in any room. Like Cristian's other works for Terzani, Mirage and Etoile, Stream's design exploits the physical characteristics of the materials used to envelop a room in a unique, immersing light.  Here, over seven kilometers of metal chain appear to flow down from the undulating, nickel-plated frame.  These cascading tiers project a streaking, yet tranquil, shadow throughout the room. Design by Cristian Lava. Introduction for 2012 is the wall sconce of Stream. 

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