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By Holly Peterson

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Transform Your Interior... With Great Lighting!

By Holly Peterson

Terzani Introduces New Designs/Products for 2012

Three stunning new collections (Argent, Frame and Angel Falls) and two new product designs
(Etoile and Stream) were recently introduced by Terzani at the Euroluce show in Milan. 

 For his latest work for Terzani, Nigel Coates, well known for his unorthodox approach to design, has created an engaging, unique light.  Customizable groups of hand made crystal (24% lead) "Angels" are illuminated by halogen or LED lamps.  What caused these angels to fall from the Heavens?  It's up to the viewers to decide.  Either way, Angel Falls is sure to garner attention, and generate conversation in any setting.
A celestial suspension of interwoven nickel-plated metal shafts, Etoile twinkles in all directions creating a gentle play of light and shadow for any space. Design by Cristian Lava. Introduction for 2012 is this large redesigned suspension of Etoile.    

 Capturing a moment in time, Frame features a metal coral leaf, enclosed inside a borosilicate glass preserving a delicate imprint of nature.  Hidden inside is a single bulb which glows from within, creating a stirring light that projects a dynamic shadow due to the permeable coral.  Frame is available in white, red, gold plated or silver plated.  Design by Terzani Lab.

Stream is an impressive presence in any room. Like Cristian's other works for Terzani, Mirage and Etoile, Stream's design exploits the physical characteristics of the materials used to envelop a room in a unique, immersing light.  Here, over seven kilometers of metal chain appear to flow down from the undulating, nickel-plated frame.  These cascading tiers project a streaking, yet tranquil, shadow throughout the room. Design by Cristian Lava. Introduction for 2012 is the wall sconce of Stream. 

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