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By Holly Peterson

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Industrial Art by Chip Gianakos

By Holly Peterson

Industry Accents
Be a part of this unique journey to find beauty and mystery from our mechanical world.
Industrial Art... a passion for metals, forms, function and cutting edge creativity. 

power track table
This stunning piece is the result of a collaboration between
Chip Gianakos and Mike Nolte of Vanguard Sculpture.

Designed by man, made beautiful by nature’s rain, these preserved industrial copper boards tell a compelling tale of technology, science and beauty.  The fascinating story that these boards tell is intriguing and special. Our industrial machine took materials ( copper ) from mother nature and crafted them into an artificial electronic world.  We then threw them away .. in a field .. and nature has begun, in her own, patient, forgiving way to reclaim what was once hers.  Long forgotten, nature has silently and artfully put an unmistakable mark on our short-sighted, materialistic world.
The preservation and display of these items not only represents a real world, tangible rescue of our planet through recycling, but a compelling marriage of technology and nature.  I look forward to sharing this collection with our community and exploring ways that nature makes beautiful, our industrial machine.

These copper panels are two-sided with original designs on both sides, allowing for endless possibilities on "wall" options/divides.

Contact artist {Chip Gianakos} directly to inquiry about custom pieces/pricing...
Also, contact Design Diva Interiors on collaborating with this artist,
in creating a one-of-a-kind piece for your interior space.

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