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By Holly Peterson

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By Holly Peterson

Bleu Nature Driftwood Lamps

They're graceful in movement. They're soft from tide and salt. Pieces of driftwood conjure quiet and calm. And that’s a vibe that’s welcome in any home. The guys who will bring it there? French designers, Bleu Nature. Every year the team takes a field trip to the shores of Northern France to collect driftwood that they then bundle and stack into sublime lighting fixtures. The entire process is rather unfussy — they take some sticks and add a post, shade, and discerning eye. It’s a simple beauty. And that’s largely because the wood needs no further processing, as it is already naturally preserved in sea salt. These artistic collaborations between man and nature may have fallen far from their trees, but I'm sure they’ll have no trouble calling your living room home.

Learn more at bleunature.com

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