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By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!

Small Kitchen Remodel...Step Two

By Holly Peterson

Step Two: Go with your designer to the slab yard to select your countertop material (or trust your designer to make the call). You'll want to do this as soon as possible, so that you can ensure that your small kitchen remodel is complete sooner than later.

With this client, he has decided to go with the natural movement of granite (as you can see to the right). This slab has been tagged, so that the fabricating contractor knows exactly which slab to allocate for the job. While were here at the slab yard, we also finalized the design of what material and layout we would be using for the backsplash.
***Now that the countertops have been templated and the slabs have been tagged, it's just about another week and 1/2 until you'll be enjoying your new kitchen!
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