Diva Design Diary

By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!

Common Sense Decorating

By Holly Peterson

Common Sense... A must-have when it comes to interior design!

We love our homes, and we want to live well in them as long as we can. That's why, now more than ever, we want to refresh our decor without undertaking a total overhaul. Here are some quick tips on where to start:

Repaint in cheerful colors; revive family heirlooms; rethink accessories; rearrange the furniture - and figure out what you can add to make rooms feel fresh. Above all, revel in the moment!

Spend the money where you see it most. Bold wallpaper is great for jazzing up an entryway.
- Guy Clark

No matter what the economy looks like, you should always strive for quality. Buy fewer, better things. Get a great sofa - and plan to keep it. It's better to have one good cashmere sweater than three cheap ones.
- Alessandra Branca

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