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By Holly Peterson

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Forever Photos

By Holly Peterson


Chances are you have a digital camera. In fact, the technology has so effectively replaced film that Kodak has stopped making Kodachrome. Polaroid, too, has discontinued production of the instant film that made it famous. And with the end of film comes the end of negatives, of the physical presence of our photographs. Relatively few images are printed, and even fewer saved in a dedicated location. For better or worse, our memories are captured in pixels. How are you protecting yours?

Where and how we store our photos matters almost more than the camera we use. Why take beautiful pictures if we don't protect them? And a shocking number of people just leave pictures on the camera card. Keeping images on the computer drive is better, but hard drives crash. So it's wise to have backup, especially because many simple and inexpensive options are available.

Visit your local electronics store to be educated on the best flash drive for you!

Some digital photo storage ideas to entertain are: Carbonite, Mozy, & SOS.

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