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By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S ♥

By Holly Peterson

Every girl dreams of living a glamourous jet-set lifestyle, weather in the lap of luxury or on a tight budget. Dawn Del Russo Author of 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle provides quick cheeky tips to living that swank life. Put together simply each one-liner is illustrated by Barbara Ann Scarrillo with charming, fashionable sketches sure to delight. Indulge in this fabulous quick read. Dawn Del Russo, high profile fashion stylist has been featured in print like US Weekly, Life and Style, InStyle, Glamour, People StyleWatch and on Fox 5 NY for her style advice. Del Russo is also a contributing writer for BettyConfidential.com and ChicGalleria.com. She has a keen sense of style and trends and is dedicated to helping women find their inner beauty, and confidence starting from the style on the outside.

101 Glam Girl Ways to and Ultra Chic Lifestyle is every woman's secret guide to breezing through life glamourously.

Set to Launch in Book stores Fall 2009!
Look for it in your local bookstore SOON...

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