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By Holly Peterson

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NEW PRODUCTS!!! November 2009

By Holly Peterson

Check out these FABULOUS new furniture finds...

Casamidy -Simi
Symi armchair in solid walnut and rawhide by Casamidy

Frag - Tartan
Tartan chair in chromed steel and woven leather lace in coffee by Frag.

Datesweiser - 3 High
What's the hallmark of timelessness? The ability to assimilate. Confident enough to work well with Thomas Chippendale and Florence Knoll alike, Datesweiser 's Highline conference furniture is what Allan Weiser describes as "very clean and neutral."

Wraparound legs support the cabinet of a credenza offered in three materials—walnut, oak, or white lacquer—and three versions as determined by the number of center storage levels: 1 High, 2 High, and 3 High, all at a choice of 87 or 99 inches wide. (With the double and triple models, the open shelf holds leather-covered or lacquered accessory boxes.) The conference table has a 10-foot-long top of marble, back-painted glass, anigre, oak, walnut, or solid surfacing, all configured to conceal technology essentials. Those same materials top the square and round meeting tables, which measure 48 inches across.

Avenue Road - Cord
Some furniture classics get reissued—this one got restrung. Industrial-design pioneer Jacques Guillon created his Cord chair in 1953 and introduced this quintessence of weightless minimalism at the Triennale di Milano the following year. The chair's most arresting features were its seat and back, nothing more than tightly strung nylon cords.

Avenue Road has now rescued Cord from obscurity—with two important differences. The seat and back are strung with eight-strand braided polyethylene in either white or black. And the frame, formerly made of laminated plywood, is solid maple veneered in walnut or lacquered black.

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