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By Holly Peterson

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World's Largest LED Project

By Holly Peterson

The curvilinear grid-shell is covered with over 5,300 diamond-shaped steel panels,
containing nearly 5000 RGBW LED fixtures.
Laurel Petriello -- Interior Design, 11/30/2009

Prepare to be mesmerized. The newest architectural marvel of the Middle East, YAS Hotel in Abu Dhabi, was recently completed in conjunction with the launch of the inaugural 2009 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held at the new circuit built around the hotel. The hotel features the world’s biggest LED project to date, controlled through remote device management (RDM) protocol.

Built by Aldar Properties and designed by Asymptote Architecture, the main design attraction of this 5-star, 500-room, 279,000-square-foot complex, is the curvilinear grid-shell covered with over 5,300 diamond-shaped steel panels, containing nearly 5000 RGBW LED fixtures. New York lighting design firm Arup Lighting employed a lighting application by e:cue lighting control to create lighting effects such as color-changing lighting sequences and customized three dimensional low-resolution video content on the grid-shell.

Beneath this high technology shell resides two hotel towers complete with sculpted-steel monocoque pass-through bridge running over the Formula 1 racetrack for patrons to easily commute from building to building, as well as follow the events below.

“A perfect union and harmonious interplay between elegance and spectacle. The search here was inspired by what one could call the 'art' and poetics of motor racing, specifically Formula 1, coupled with the making of a place that celebrates Abu Dhabi as a cultural and technological tour de force,” said Hani Rashid, co-founder of Aysmptote.

The YAS Hotel opened its doors October 30, 2009.

If only it was more of a destination...
Outer Saudi Arabia is hardly where I think I'll be booking my next vacation?!

Article from: Interior Design Magazine

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