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By Holly Peterson

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Decorating With Flowers

By Holly Peterson

(tips from Jennifer McGarigle)

Seasonal centerpiece
Fill a clear but simple trough with seasonal paperwhites or amaryllis bulbs embedded within vibrant green moss. It's a balanced blend of traditional and architectural, and will last for weeks.

Singular impact
The pop of a monochromatic floral arrangement in any room is dramatic and fresh.
It draws attention with its simplicity.

Mirrored containers
For added sparkle in a traditional space, antique mirrored boxes are great for floral arrangements, plants, and even trees. Semi-permanent juniper trees displayed in oversized versions of these mirrored boxes are amazing statement pieces.

Extraordinary orchids
When decorating with orchids, group the same variety and color together for greater effect.

Accessories with flower power
Simple, modern accessories in neutral tones and materials are best when creating eclectic mixes within a traditional space. I love the Floral Art sepia toned "Peony Tray" for this. It's classic, has an edge, and brings the beauty of flowers into the space.

Flowers as art
Striking, graphic photos of flowers (in color or black and white) offer
an artful way to bring blooms into any room.

Edible entertaining
Fresh nasturtiums or pansies beautifully adorn a salad or appetizer tray.
And they're edible!

Vase selection
Ensure that you choose the proper vase for each surface. Rectangular and square vases look
best on rectangular tables. For round tables, either round or square will work.

Easy and eye-catching
For instant Zen, float white blossoms (orchids work well) in a simple glass bowl filled with water.

A lot for a little
Get a great vase with a small opening. You won't have to use a lot of flowers,
which will save money but still manage to impress.

Jennifer and Floral Art

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