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By Holly Peterson

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Kühl Air Conditioning

By Holly Peterson

Meet the smartest window air conditioning solution ever designed. Everything about Kühl has been engineered to lead the category — conditioning more air with more intelligence and more efficiency.

Kühl is the first window air conditioner to provide the programmability and convenience of a central air conditioning system. An advanced 7-day programmable thermostat lets you program up to four settings daily, allowing each day of the week to have its own schedule. Easily adjust the temperature by using the arrow buttons on the unit’s LCD panel or the wireless remote from across the room. Or choose to wire one or more units to a wall thermostat for simple, centralized control. Kühl can raise the room temperature while you’re out and still have it back to a perfect 72° before you return. Save energy, money and maintain total control of your environment every day. Kühl control is also evident in the product’s design. Kühl’s engineers developed the unit’s 8 directional louvers to be deeper and more robust to optimize airflow placement within a space. And Kühl features both a fresh-air intake vent and an exhaust vent that give you additional comfort options.

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