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By Holly Peterson

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Big Ass Fans

By Holly Peterson

The name speaks for itself. Ranging from six(6) to twenty four(24)
feet in diameter, these fans are literally huge!

Big Ass Fan Co. has been on the scene since 1999 and is the preeminent
designer and manufacturer of high volume/low speed (HVLS) ceiling
and vertical fans developed to provide significant energy savings and
improve occupant comfort year round.

This million dollar company not only designs an amazing product, but
they also give back to such charities as Habitat for Humanity, local food banks,
and various veterans organizations. Which makes not only their name fitting,
but their slogan as well, "Big Ass Fans: We're in the business of cooling
so being cool just comes naturally"

Big Ass Fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered HVLS fans on the planet. HVLS stands for High Volume / Low Speed, meaning Big Ass Fans move a lot of air with their size, not speed. Moving at a low speed means less energy used for operation, translating into more energy savings for you. And Big Ass Fans aren't just for the warmer months. Big Ass Fans can save you money and keep you comfortable year-round.

Due to their scale, these fans are intended for use in commercial spaces.
So, the next time you are at a public gym, hotel or restaurant, take a look
upward in chance of spotting one of these Big Ass Fans.

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