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By Holly Peterson

Diva Design Diary is about bringing the latest interior design trends and tips to our existing clients, as well as future clients...enjoy!

Household Tips from the Pros

By Holly Peterson

"There's no substitute for references.  Get them - period. 
And get as many as you can, three at an absolute minimum."
ERIC JAGGER, Project Manager, Harbor Builders, Port Clyde, ME

"Taking up old carpet disturbs a lot of bad stuff - dust and germs fly everywhere.  Find someone who'll use a HEPA vacuum before and after, and who'll wrap your old carpet in plastic before taking it out.  Check out healthierlivinginstallation.com."
 RENEE LECROY, Flooring Expert, Don's Carpet One Floor & Home, Birmingham, AL

"The chemicals in glass cleaners are too harsh for your electronic screens, and paper towels 
will scratch them.  Use warm water and a microfiber cloth.  But not too much 
water - it can seep into the screen's edges."
DEREK MEISTER, Geek Squad, Best Buy, Cleveland, OH
 "People buy too many varieties of plants.  Edit!  Ten different kinds planted in one bed will look 
like a riot.  Choose three favorites and mass each in a separate bed to keep the peace."
STEPHEN BLOCK, Owner, Inner Gardens, Los Angeles, CA 

"Too many painters give an estimate that's basically to paint.  Once they're in  your house they say, 'Oh, you want me to fix that crack? That'll be extra.'  Be clear from the beginning."
JEFF HESTER, Vice President, Hester Painting & Decorating, Skokie, IL

Stay tuned for the final 5 household tips... next week!

(From: House Beautiful Magazine - Interviews by: Lisa Cregan)

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