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By Holly Peterson

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Danish Teak Classics... For The Birds!

By Holly Peterson

Don't miss out on one of these amazing bird houses by Nathan Danials at Danish Teak Classics. As a child, Danials lived the good life on a family farm in Wisconsin, no doubt nurturing a love for building something by hand, guided by the principles of nature and simplicity. Danials become interested in modern design after moving to the Twin Cities to work for a local furniture company. He began his own design career by designing modern outdoor furniture, but has since branched out into, as you could have guessed by the name – burd haus, Bauhaus-esqe birdhouses. The burd haus has everything that would appeal to any architecture aficionado – quality materials, appealing colour combinations, simple (mostly functional) form, and a quirky individuality. You can purchase the burd haus at Daniels' Etsy store
Don't miss out on one of these for the Autumn season!

The birds will thank you...

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