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By Holly Peterson

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EcoDomo Architectural Details

By Holly Peterson

 Residence - Lancaster Collection

If you’re prone to leather guilt, here’s one solution that will please your eco-conscience.
EcoDomo recycled leather floor tiles come from scrap batches from tanneries, furniture, even shoe manufacturers, giving gorgeous and usable leather a new life underneath your feet. The color lines are extensive for a reclaimed/recycled product, and you can look at virtual samplers right through their website.

A proud member of the United States Green Building Council, EcoDomo uses a "triple bottom line" approach to business - its products must exceed market demands, contribute to the environment and the communities where the products are produced.

EcoDomo can be used for many applications: flooring, walls, furnishings, ceilings, etc.
Contact Design Diva Interiors on how to integrate this versatile product in with your home!

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