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By Holly Peterson

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Barking Up The Right Tree

By Holly Peterson

Renewable Forestry Furniture

If you've ever wanted a puppy, but haven't had the time or space for one, this is perfect! You can satisfy your dog-owning dreams with Proteak’s Pack of Dogs teak furniture. The canine-shaped wood pieces come in different sizes and poses and can be used as shelves, benches, bookends, stools, or whatever else you command. While they’re not exactly the cuddliest things, they are really good at “sit” and “stay” and help absorb CO2 emissions from nearly 15,000 cars a day. See, Proteak is also a 7,000-acre organic forest built on Mexican reclaimed ranch land. Besides planting a tree for every one it cuts down, Proteak also makes it a priority to protect the 1,000 acres of virgin tropical forest that surround their plantation. Not a bad day's work for people who make wooden puppies named after Mexican wrestlers, eh?

Meet Aguayo (left) and friends at proteak.com

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