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By Holly Peterson

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Outside The Box

By Holly Peterson

Jason Schneider Cardboard Furniture

It’s easy to see the holes through the whole cardboard-furniture trend – most designs resemble our weekly recycling collections more than they do furniture and the rest seems awfully overpriced for things made of a material most of us deem worthless. But these misconceptions are what Colorado-based Jason Schneider is trying to dispel with his handmade corrugated cardboard furniture. Schneider uses the undulating patterns of stacked cardboard to mimic the patterns found in natural wood. The result: neat little chests and funky drawers that convert a throw away material into something really worth looking at. Made of uncoated cardboard and wood varnished with natural milk paint, the pieces are not only chemical-free but also recyclable. How’s that for thinking outside the box?

To learn more visit JasonSchneiderfurniture.com

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