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By Holly Peterson

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BUILT-INS... Are you in need?

By Holly Peterson

BUILT-INS...what almost every home needs.

As with any project, there are key areas that clients like to focus on a.k.a "high priority" areas. So many times I work with clients that say things like, "I don't have enough storage", "I am sick and tired of looking at all this entertainment or office equipment", "I want a custom look, but don't want to spend a fortune". Well, you're in luck!!! Built-ins don't have to drain your bank account and I can honestly say that they will make a positive impact in any space. I happen to know from experience...
I work very closely with a father-son team that not only does amazing work, but they are also very fair with their pricing. 90% of my projects involve built-ins and 100% of my clients are more than satisfied with the final completion of their work!
Here's a little something to consider...

Top 5 reasons to consider BUILT-INS:

  • You can have any configuration you like, it's custom, so you're not trying to make do with a piece of furniture that isn't right for the space.
  • You can conceal even the ugliest of components...and literally never have to see them (thanks to both stock and designer speaker screen).
  • You can select any paint or stain finish you like.
  • They are a great selling point if you're looking to sell your home...form and function sells!!!
  • They aren't as expensive as you may think...
Top 3 reasons not to consider BUILT-INS:
  • You don't need storage.
  • You like looking at your equipment. (Did I really just say that?)
  • You think that they're too expensive.
Contact Design Diva Interiors at info@designdivastudio.com if you are interested in what options we can explore for your home!

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