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By Holly Peterson

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RecycleBank... It's that easy!

By Holly Peterson

Have you thought to yourself, "I should be recycling...", but you just don't have the time or the space to store all of it? Well, no more excuses, check out this perfect solution...
MONEY IN THE BIN - RecycleBank
Let's face it. Most of us can do a better job at recycling. We seriously reassessed our rubbish in honor of America Recycles Day last week. But in case you did not, here is another incentive. How would you like to get paid to recycle? RecycleBank makes it easy. You sign up. They bring a bin to your front door. You fill it with recyclables. You get reward points that can be used at places such as Target, CVS, and Foot Locker, or for products made by Stonyfield Farms, Method, and Evian. City dwellers and college kids (who might not have a place to house their own bins) can utilize the program's many kiosks. Whoever you are, it is three easy steps toward providing relief for your two favorite things – the planet and your wallet. And that, my friends, is how America recycles.
To learn more go to recyclebank.com

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Design Diva the website is actually http://www.recyclebank.com/

Great post, a company worth checking out!!

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