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By Holly Peterson

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Cool Beans

By Holly Peterson

Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans
There are cranberry beans, yellow eye beans, midnight beans, lima, pinto, garbanzo…ooh, and don’t forget dem pebble beans. Of all the types that you eat in your chilies, salads, and soups, how many of them can you trace the origins of? Well, all of them if you get your supply from Rancho Gordo. Obsessed with food from the “New World,” the site is stocked with 20 to 30 types of beans that are indigenous to North and South America. The genetically-pure legumes are grown in limited quantities to ensure freshness. And, because they are fresher, you don’t have to soak them as long and they taste hardier. Many of these beans are also on the verge of extinction (losing out to the commercial kidneys and favas) and our consumption helps keep them around. Plus, haven't you heard?
Beans, beans are good for your heart. So eat up.

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Mmm... beans... just what we need more of around here. :-)

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