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By Holly Peterson

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Countertop Trends: Nature & Personlization

By Holly Peterson

Today's multi-purpose kitchens and bathrooms demand products that can meet a wide variety of design and functional needs - while still offering the ability to create uniquely personalized spaces. Fortunately, today's countertop manufacturers are up to the challenge, offering a plethora of beautiful and durable material options that can work singularly or in conjunction to create a nearly endless array of design choices.

Mother Nature continues to inspire some of the hottest trends, with soothing colors, rich textures and earth-friendly options all the rage. Value-priced offerings are also hot, and now come in a wider array of upscale design options than ever before.

Below are some of the hottest trends in countertops right now:

Nature-inspired colors, patterns and materials remain hot countertops picks, with both natural stone and stone-look products popular choices. Earthy color palettes and soft neutrals are in high demand, though a bold splash of color on an island can also be a great choice for adding visual drama.

  • The green trend, initially seen more in cabinets and appliances, is now gaining ground in the countertop market; if your clients love all things green, look for recycled glass countertops or other materials with recycled content, as well as locally sourced stone.
  • As the kitchen increasingly evolves into a multi-purpose space, you'll see more mixing and matching of countertop materials - including natural and engineered stone, wood, glass and laminate. This creates enhanced design opportunities and increases functional value, while allowing even budget-conscious homeowners to enjoy the benefits of upscale materials and a personalized look.
  • Whether the countertop acts as a stunning focal point or a more subtle design element, the flat look is out. Rather, today's hottest countertop materials feature depth, directional movement and plenty of textural interest.
  • Upscale countertop materials are increasingly showing up in other areas of the home, including outdoor kitchens, wet bars, home offices and garage work spots, creating a whole new market for these products.
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    The bathroom is absolutely gorgeous. It's great to see how beautiful green can be. I have to say I have actually found some of the new green countertops they now make to be nicer than the standard granite or most marble countertops. They also often have a modern twist, which I prefer.

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