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By Holly Peterson

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O Christmas Tree

By Holly Peterson

The Cardboard Christmas Tree

Some families had real trees. Others had plastic ones. All were decked with a menagerie of plastic ornaments. And that was Christmas. These days, getting a tree is more perplexing than figuring out which college to go to. We all love the scent of pine. But somehow, hacking down a real tree and subjecting it to hot lights feels a little mean. Artificial trees are reusable but then you are dealing with chemicals and plastics that are around forever. So, nix the tree thing all together? Maybe not. This year, consider getting a tree made from 100% recycled cardboard instead. It may not be as lush but think of it as a three-foot blank canvas that you can decorate to your heart's content (read: excellent keep-kid-busy project). Plus, for every tree sold, The Cardboard Christmas Tree (fancy official name) contributes to the Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation program, Trees for America. Traditions and rituals are great. But they are even better when they offer help instead of sacrifice.

If it's not to late... Start trimming at thecardboardtree.com

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