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By Holly Peterson

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The Right Move

By Holly Peterson

Rent a Green Box Moving Company

Cardboard boxes are expensive, flimsy, and the hardest thing in the world to find when it’s time for moving. So we were stoked to learn that companies like Rent a Green Box were springing up to right such wrongs. The new zero-waste moving company, which services most cities between the Orange County and San Diego areas, offers packing materials made of old newsprint and rents out bins made of recycled plastic. You borrow the bins to pack and move your treasures. They come and pick up the empties when you're done. Simple and brilliant. The company has gotten such great responses that they are looking to expand nationwide. Hear that? Get to work, People! Some of us would rather to not have to go dumpster-diving for boxes.

Get moving at earthfriendlymoving.com/greenbox

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