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By Holly Peterson

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Trash for Treasures

By Holly Peterson

Trash for Teaching Castaways Construction Kits
You see button, they see eyeball. You see pen caps, they see ears. There’s no telling what kids can come up with if you let them stretch their imaginations. This was the thinking behind Trash for Teaching, a nonprofit that brings safe and unused scraps, donated by factories, to art programs in three California school districts. In December, the organization expanded their scope with a line of take-home Castaways Construction Kits that kids could use to create their own precious creatures. Each 32-piece kit of “Dumpster Diamonds” supports the Trash for Teaching mission to maximize education while minimizing trash. Who would have thought that a bunch of discarded pen caps and unused packaging parts could make such great waste?

Learn more about the organization at trashforteaching.org
and purchase the kit at castawaykits.com.

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