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By Holly Peterson

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Fishing For Presents

By Holly Peterson

Fishlips Recycled Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper can be as big of a deal as buying the present itself. New paper seems wasteful, old newspapers and magazines are a good option until you realize that the news is too sordid (um, Octomom?) to actually put on an item meant to bring joy, and plain brown paper says “delivery” more than “present.” There’s just something about most green wrapping that’s too much function, not enough fun – except Fishlips Recycled Gift Wrap. With 18 satin-finished designs to choose from (all printed on 100% recycled paper using soy inks), there's something interesting for any occasion. Starfish, hibiscus, and puppies in cool colors and curious patterns? They beat that brown paper any day.

See the entire line at fishlipspaperdesigns.com

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