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By Holly Peterson

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Worth A Tumble

By Holly Peterson

La Mediterranea Recycled-Glass Tumblers
Most of us rinse and sort our juice and jam jars, throw them in with the rest of the recyclables, and call it a day. Few of us actually use items made of the glass that our recycling produces. And even fewer can imagine that trash can be turned into something worth keeping around the house. We bet that will change once you feast your eyes on the Ar├ácnea line by Spanish glassmakers, La Mediterranea. Made of 100% post-consumer recycled glass that is etched and painted by hand, the elegance of each tumbler, goblet, plate, and jar is as simply stated as the company’s philosophy: “do a good job, respecting both the environment and individuals.” Isn’t that a statement we can all live by?

Learn more at la.mediterranea.es or start shopping at biomelifestyle.co.uk

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