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By Holly Peterson

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Reclaimed Lumber Furniture

By Holly Peterson

Moe Design's Reclaimed Lumber Furniture

It may take two to tango, but it only takes one to prove beautiful things can come of industrial excess. That person is Andrew Moe, a New York-based designer who makes all his furniture out of reclaimed lumber (most recently from a Massachusetts textile mill). While Moe utilizes traditional wood-shaping and joinery techniques, his designs are anything but conventional. From rustic picnic tables to modern storage units, every piece has a little flare that reflects the quirkiness of a man who had originally ditched a furniture-making apprenticeship and college degree in 3D Furniture and Sculpture Design to become an Argentine tango instructor. Maybe he still does a quick shuffle between brush strokes? Who knows?! But by the looks of whimsy in his designs, we'd say it looks like the man might still have a little bounce in his step.
See for yourself at studiomoe.com

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