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By Holly Peterson

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Reboot, Reuse, Recycle

By Holly Peterson

Computers With Causes

Some people don't get new shoes until they've got holes in the old ones. The prudence is commendable. Unfortunately, it can't be applied to everything we consume. Sometimes, you just need an upgrade. And that is often the case with computers. So, what can you do with that old honker so that it’s not rendered an extremely expensive paperweight? Put it in a box and send it to Computers With Causes. The non-profit will assess the usability of the machine, upgrade as necessary, and donate it to a school, veterans home, foster home, homeless shelter, or cause affiliated with their Global Education Computer Assistance Program. Anything not reusable will be dismantled and e-cycled. It's that simple. Could this be the best thing since Ctrl+Alt+Del?

After just recently needing a new laptop, I had been wondering what to do with my old laptop. (Sadly enough, by old, I mean 2-3 years old). This is the perfect place to send my old hunk of junk, I better get to shipping...

Find out how to donate computerswithcauses.org

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