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By Holly Peterson

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Love Me...Love My Dog

By Holly Peterson

In honor of Little Abner Peterson

From baby...

To all grown up!

We take the time to eat well, so why not the time to feed our pets well? That’s the theory behind the new interactive canine snack, Fetch’erz Ballz. We know all eating is technically interactive. But these treats are actually shaped like balls so you can toss them. Made with nutritional and easily digestible human grade ingredients such as flax seed, hemp meal, and ancient grains, these treats make bonding with your four-legged friend oh so much more fun. They are available in 4 flavors (chicken stew; fish and chips; fruit and veggie medley; and Swiss peanut butter crunch) and contain no preservatives, artificial colors, or chemicals. They even come packaged in recycled cartons. What a catch!

Available online at nuhemp.com and across the country at progressive pet food retailers.

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