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By Holly Peterson

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Tie Me Up

By Holly Peterson

American Apparel Recycled Accessories

Sex sells. And American Apparel has never been shy about capitalizing on the fact. Thanks to a scandalous (and now iconic) ad campaign, the company became, in just six years, America's biggest clothing manufacturer. With all the fuss surrounding their marketing tactics, it’s easy to forget that the company first made its name not in irreverence but good doing. To this day, they still produce everything in Los Angeles and offer factory workers fair wages and benefits. But to remind us that they are nice people, they now also make organic clothing and recycled accessories. Made of 74% recycled cotton, the unisex tie is quite dapper for a company that specializes in gym shorts. We're glad they've decided to help spread the word on sustainable clothing. Now if only they can do something about making composting sexy.

See the line at americanapparelstore.com

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