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By Holly Peterson

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By Holly Peterson

EcoSmart Outdoor Fireplaces

We're lucky to have amazing weather here pretty much all year round in Southern California. Barbecues generally rule. And evening cocktails on a deck would be considered by many as the perfect night out. Sure, it gets nippy late at night. But that’s why you get things like these majestic, Roman-inspired EcoSmart Fire Towers. Each one of these stainless-steel burners emits as much heat as two room heaters (think about how many tiki torches you'd need to get the same result). And, besides being efficient, they also run on denatured ethanol – a renewable, biodegradable biological bi-product that emits nothing but smokeless heat, carbon dioxide, and steam when burned. That way, you can sip those mojitos without worrying about what you're breathing. Mmm…mojitos. Please, don’t forget to invite your less fortunate friends.

Learn more at EcoSmart

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