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By Holly Peterson

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When I visit New York, I must see...

By Holly Peterson

Highline Opens in New York

The opening of any park is a happy event. Imagine the hoopla around a park that is 30 feet up in the air and 10 years in the making. That park is New York City’s Highline – a wonder in urban development and an example of how to meet the changing needs of society. The Highline was 1.45 miles of suspended railroad track that was built in the mid-19th century and then discarded in 1980. In 1999, a community-organized non-profit formed to start plans on saving the tracks from demolition. Ten years after those initial plans, and three years after the groundbreaking, the Highline opened its first leg (between Gansevoort and West 20th streets) this month with much pomp and circumstance. The party continues with a slew of education programs, public art installations, walking tours, and street festivals throughout the summer.

Check thehighline.org for a complete listing of events.

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