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By Holly Peterson

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Let There Be Light

By Holly Peterson

Graypants Cardboard Chandeliers

The corrugated cardboard box has come a long way. Once a mere means to an end, the post-office favorite has become a staple in sustainable design. These days, it wouldn’t be hard to outfit an entire apartment in just cardboard – chairs, tables, dressers, shelves, whole couches, and even chandeliers. Scrap Lights, a new series designed and aptly named by Seattle-based design firm Graypants, is made of stacked reclaimed cardboard boxes. We know that’s nothing new. But the real sight to behold here are the undulating patterns that shine through the cardboard and magnificent shapes and shadows that are cast on the wall. Each piece is handmade so shapes and sizes vary slightly. But generally, they come in disc, bell, or irregular shapes and span between 9 and 12 inches in diameter.

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