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By Holly Peterson

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Color Curiosity

By Holly Peterson

Great article by Danielle Guagliano, a student @ NYSID

"For years, psychologists have been studying the effects of color on people. Although I previously thought reactions to color were universal, it makes sense that they are not; not all people in all societies have the same responses to the same colors. Studies show that the effects of color are individual and perceptual, but are somewhat universal within specific cultures. For example, in China, the color red is actually calming, while for us, red brings out an aggressive feeling; it’s an exciting color and gives energy. The use of earth tones is calming. These shades can remind us of family and give a feeling of closeness. Blues and greens bring out a feeling of serenity and peace because the colors are associated with nature and the ocean. Yellow has a positive effect on people, but too much of it can be irritating. The color orange is associated with food. I learned a few years ago that orange can make you feel the urge to eat, which is why many fast food chains use orange in their designs. This color makes people feel happy, so maybe when you’re happy, you want to eat.

So, in thinking about these feelings aroused in response to color,
are these generalizations true for pretty much all of the U.S.?"

I love when articles really make you think...
I think that this is so TRUE, as a generalization to the U.S.,
and quite possibly some other countries; Japan being an exclusion.

What are your thoughts?

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