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By Holly Peterson

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CertaPro on SPRING

By Holly Peterson

Update Your Home With Color This Spring

Spring is the best time to re-decorate, and painting is the most affordable way to update your home. With the plethora of paint colors on the market, it can be difficult to choose. CertaPro color expert Shannon Kaye recommends six new color palettes from Sherwin Williams, ranging from classic to bold, to help you choose the most suitable colors for your home this spring.

As the sun begins to shine again, so does our need for crisp and clean colors.
Try this refreshing combination:
0052 Pearl Gray with 6714 Citrine & 6495 Great Falls

Give your room a refreshing lift with citrus tints like:
6709 Gleeful & 6700 Daybreak

Root them with soothing accents or paint your cabinets in:
6207 Retreat, or 7623 Cascades, for an easy feel

Today’s boldest color combination is pale lilac and taupe
with a sharp chartreuse or raspberry punch.
I love
6281 Wallflower with 7006 Extra White trim

with an accent of 6914 Eye Catching, or 6586 Heartfelt

Deep delicious hues are still perfect for dining rooms,
but it’s time replace your rouge walls with more vibrant colors like:
6642 Rhumba Orange, 6531 Indigo, or 6776 Blue Nile

Whether you like your walls soft or sumptuous, this classic combination,
updated for Spring, is sure to brighten any stale room:
6421 Celery, 6422 Shagreen, 6879 Daring, & 6776 Blue Nile

As last year’s grays turn to taupe, look for surprisingly luxurious color combinations like:
6046 Swing Brown, 7703 Earthen Jug, 6887 Navel, & 7638 Jogging Path

A new coat of paint, whether it’s clean and subtle or drawing on this year’s bright color trends of turquoise, fuchsia, and orange, can brighten up your home and let the Spring light in.

For more tips and information about color, techniques and finishes,
visit Shannon Kaye’s online forum on CertaPro.com.

Shannon Kaye is a color expert and host of Fresh Coat on the DIY network.

Editors Note: CertaPro Painters, the largest North American residential painting company, was founded in 1992. Specializing in servicing both high-end residential and commercial customers, its success is based on exceeding customer expectations by delivering certainty at every juncture of a painting job from start to finish. CertaPro Painters now operates across America and internationally. For further information, contact 1-800-462-3782 or www.certapro.com

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