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By Holly Peterson

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The New Traditionalists

By Holly Peterson

Article By:
Traditional Home Magazine
April 2010

A new furniture brand aims to jazz up familiar forms

The team that started ducduc, known for modern kids' furniture, is all grown up (almost) and is launching a fresh brand: The New Traditionalists. Aimed at adults and their tots, it includes two lines: Mason Gray, with classically elegant pieces, and Union House, which offers a casual, eclectic feel. Both lines marry the emotional resonance of familiar forms with the fun of custom colors. Even better, the furniture is made from sustainably harvested hardwood with hand-applied, water-based finishes that are nontoxic. If there's a single philosophy this crew espouses it is: Buy well once. "We're not in business to make disposable furniture," says CEO Philip Erdoes. And it's true, this line has longevity - thanks to style and quality. Located in Torrington, Connecticut, the nimble factory makes each piece made to order, which thrills picky clients. What's more, it means new manufacturing in an area that's been shedding it for years. Viva The New Traditionalists!

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