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By Holly Peterson

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The Perfect Rug

By Holly Peterson

Introducing The Perfect Rug (www.theperfectrug.com), the newly-launched online destination for easily customized rugs. The site offers user-friendly navigation, an extensive selection (over 550 choices) of materials and designs, IKEA-comparable pricing, and of course, a truly personalized experience... so that you may create and come away with a rug that fits any space in your home.

The Perfect Rug can accommodate all modes of space requirements – from high traffic (living room rug) to barely there (a decorative piece for under the dining room table). Here are a few more bonus features of the Perfect Rug experience:
  • Free shipping! Every day for every order.
  • 3 free samples – so that you can swatch your living space, see what works best.
  • With those 3 free samples, you will receive a free rug measuring kit.
  • We can recommend tips and guidelines for best rug uses: http://www.theperfectrug.com/design-tips-ExtraPages.html
  • If you can’t find the color you want, we will do our best to match the one you have in mind.
  • All rugs are made right outside of San Francisco, CA.
  • Turnaround and shipping rate is at most 2 weeks and usually around 5 days – which means your rug will be ready for your home before you know it.
Please contact Design Diva Interiors if you're needing design assistance,
selecting your Perfect Rug!

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