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By Holly Peterson

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Bulb-Free Lighting

By Holly Peterson

Saazs' Planilum Light Pieces

Who needs lampshades and light bulbs when you've got four layers of glass and a light-emitting gas called Planilum? At least that's the thinking behind Saazs' new lighting system. The fixture is designed so that light is disseminated across the entire surface (as opposed to emanating from one central source like the light bulb in a lamp). The result is a softer and relatively cooler light that is eye friendly and touchable enough for the fixtures that house them to multitask as tables, shelves, or walls. Having been in development for six years, the pieces are a tad pricey. However, each one will also last you approximately 20 years, or 50,000 hours, so at least you’ll save some loot on light bulbs? Can't say that isn't a bright idea.

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