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By Holly Peterson

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Who would've thought....

By Holly Peterson

Showers Bring Flowers
Shorter showers, low-flow pumps…no feasible mean of saving water is left unexplored these days. So why not think of a way to recycle the water you collect on your umbrella? Introducing the mighty Umbrella Pot, a contraption that at once eliminates the pesky task of emptying umbrella-stand water and relieves us of plant-watering duties. Rainwater from umbrellas collects at the bottom of the main cavity and funnels into the potted plant via tiny holes. Clever! We just recommend choosing a plant that is suitable to your annual precipitation index. If you live in the desert, stick with a cactus plant.
Even if you're not saving a significant amount of water, it's still a cute and clever way to store your umbrella!
Check it out at kyouei-ltd.co.jp

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