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By Holly Peterson

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Have Solar Energy Wherever You Go!

By Holly Peterson

Brunton SolarRoll Charger

Some people opt out of extended outdoor trips because they can't part with their precious electronics. This one is perfect for all such hopelessly plugged-in folk. The Brunton SolarRoll is a light, compact charger that outputs up to 14 watts of energy. Save the cellphones for those wimpy handheld solar chargers. We’re charging up big boys like camcorders, computers, and even car batteries here. That's right. With this, you can now pretty much charge anything you can carry, wherever you are. May being on an expedition never keep you from catching a game or checking your email ever again.

For more information go to brunton.com

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Wow, that's a nice piece of equipment there. Very useful. Hmm, but can 14 watts of output really charge a car battery?

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