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By Holly Peterson

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MUST HAVE Kitchen Gadgets

By Holly Peterson

I'm a sucker for neat kitchen gadgets, which makes absolutely no sense, being that I am entirely lacking as a "Domestic Goddess", but I thought I'd share...

Index Chopping Boards / $85.00
These four color-coded polypropylene chopping boards are designed to avoid cross-contamination of various food types: red/raw meat, white/cooked foods, blue/fish, green/vegetables. The boards are stored in an ABS plastic horizontal filing unit with a non-slip rubber bottom. Boards are dishwasher safe.

Despite it's somewhat odd shape, this is SUPER practical! I just might have to get myself a set ;)

Banana Bunker / $10.00 Set of 2
Protect delicate fruit from bruising by transporting it in the cleverly designed Banana Bunker. Dishwasher safe.

Get yours at momastore.org

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