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By Holly Peterson

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Recycle Your Christmas Lights

By Holly Peterson

What to do with those Christmas lights that you are so dreading to put away again, until Christmas rolls around next year...

You’re on your own with the leftover eggnog and fruitcake. But how about a bright idea for dealing with those Christmas lights? This year, recycle them with Christmas Light Source. The Fort Worth-based lighting supplier will recycle the copper, glass, and plastic in any light you send their way. Just as you can get cash for bringing cans to the supermarket, Christmas Light Source will get a small amount for each strand recycled. All that money will then be used to buy children’s books for Marines Toys for Tots. That way, your Christmas lights can continue to bring joy long after they are done decking your halls.

As an extra incentive, recyclers get 10 percent off their next purchase. For more information, go to christmas-light-source.com

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