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By Holly Peterson

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Energy Efficient Fitness

By Holly Peterson

What's next?
Green Fitness, that's what!

You know what they say…no pain, no gain. And in this case, sweat and tears gain you more than just muscle.

There are only a few gyms in the world that have caught on and who are running on a combination of solar and human energy. So actually, it's no pain, no gym. These Human Dynamo Bikes retrofitted with motors turn captured energy into electricity that is then used to power the gym's energy-efficient equipment (such as treadmills that use 30% less energy), lights, LCD televisions, and stereos. How you might ask? An "off grid" system would charge batteries to power an inverter to make 120 volts AC. Which is how the gym could connect its entertainment system, TV's and lights to this module. A "grid tie" system would be wired directly to the electrical panel.

Maybe you like sweating it out in darkness and silence. But to the rest of us, helping keep the lights on is pretty good incentive to keep pedaling.

To learn more go to: www.humandynamo.net

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