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By Holly Peterson

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Show Me The Money

By Holly Peterson


Growing up, I loved candy drives. My parents always wound up buying most of the loot and my little belly didn't mind at all. The parents, of course, hated them as much as they hated the bake sales, walk-a-thons, magazine drives, and any other money maker the schools dreamt up. But perhaps they wouldn't have been so anti if they had eco friendly fundraiser greenraising.org. The site makes raising money so simple. Schools or non-profits sign up, parents email their family and friends about the drive, potential donors peruse an awesome selection of useful green products (such as totes, chocolates, and cleaning supplies), buy what they need, and mention a group at checkout. The specified organization then gets a cut, and done. No waste, less hassle, and everybody wins.

Sign up your school at greenraising.org

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